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"In vidāsana, the spirit soars, As the body grounds and the mind restores. The
breath flows freely, like a river stream, And the soul awakens from its dormant
With eyes closed and spine straight, The world fades away, the ego abates. In the
stillness, the spirit finds its voice, Whispering secrets that make the heart rejoice.
The worries of the day fall away, As the spirit dances, light as a feather and gay. The
body becomes a vessel for divine energy, As the spirit soars, wild and free.
In vidāsana, the spirit is free to roam, To explore the depths of the soul's inner
home. And when the practice is done, the spirit is renewed, Ready to face the
world, centered and imbued.
So let the spirit soar in vidāsana, Let it dance and sing, let it find its nirvana. For in
this sacred practice, the spirit finds its way, Guided by the breath, to a brighter,
more peaceful day."

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